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Complete Texts of New Wine Publications
New Wine Online's Official Publications are the result of the Bible teaching and deliverance ministry of Pastor Chris Simpson and the staff of New Wine Christian Fellowship. They are are based on careful study of the Holy Bible and the experiences of ministering God's truth and power to people in desperate need of Jesus.

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Our publications are available for online viewing or free download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files so that you may save these files or distribute them to others. Each booklet file is about between 35 and 100 kb in size so it should take no more than 10 seconds to open on a dial up connection. You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view these files online.

Apparent Demonic Groupings by Chris Simpson


A Study in the Word identifying major groupings of demons named in the Bible and their common manifestations. Also useful as as a tool for preparation for deliverance ministry.

Can a Christian Have a Demon? by Chris Simpson  

'Can a believer who is baptized in the Spirit have a demon? Absolutely not!' is the standard answer. However, this answer cannot be supported by scripture. It is dangerous to assume that Satan and his demons have some kind of hands-off policy when it comes to believers while the truth is that believers are the very objects of their wrath and attack.

Can a Christian LOSE His Salvation? by Chris Simpson  

Many believe that salvation is simply a one time event that will suffice for all eternity in spite of how of a person lives. However, there will be many who will stand before Jesus thinking that they belong to Him, only to hear Him say, “I never knew you” (Matthew 7:22-23). Their “decision for Christ” was not borne out in the way they lived. This publication exposes one of the greatest and most dangerous deceptions in the Church today that could send hundreds of thousands to Hell!

Coming Into Your Life's Anointing by Chris Simpson  

The Twenty-third Psalm is the closest thing to a 'road map' found in the Word of God. God very much wants you to know where you've been, where you are, and where He's taking you.

Confronting and Overcoming the Ahab Spirit by Bo Fisher  

God designed men to be the heads over their families. When this is not happening in the way God intended, it can result in serious consequences for the marriage and children. One reason a man might not take his proper role is when he is being influenced by an “Ahab spirit.” Helping men overcome the Ahab spirit helps men become better men, which makes for happier women. It allows men to become better husbands and fathers and to be better leaders.

Deliverance from Evil Spirits by Chris Simpson  

The ministry of deliverance from evil spirits is a scriptural, viable and much needed ministry for today. Even a cursory glance at the Gospels reveals the very prominent place deliverance held in the life of Jesus. Learn the basic principles of deliverance and how to apply them in your life and in ministry to others.

Escaping the Victimization Blame Game by Chris Simpson  

Our whole culture is diseased with the victim mentality. But for the Christian, as we focus our lives on the Lord's command to be loving to others, then the things within us that hinder such love will find their way to the surface, and there we can face these things and be set free of their influence.

Exposing the Invasion of the New Age into the Church by Bo Fisher  

This booklet defines and describes a number of occult and New Age practices that have found widespread acceptance in the American church today. There are so many of them, and they enjoy such widespread acceptance, that it may not be an overstatement to say that nearly every church in this country has at least one member who has done or is doing one or more of these things, completely without knowledge that they are engaging in sinful behavior. Because there are so many of them, and because new ones are constantly being introduced, this booklet also attempts to give some broad principles that will help to identify whether a particular practice is occult or New Age.

Exposing the Seductive Lies of the Enemy by Chris Simpson  

This booklet outlines the subtle steps Satan uses to entice a believer into sin and how loving the truth, particularly the truth about yourself, is the greatest protection from Satan's seductive lies.

Fasting: Spiritual Warfare Dynamite! by Chris Simpson  

Fasting is one of the most powerful weapons of spiritual warfare that God has given to His people. Yet, most believers are quite unaware of the power and benefits found in the discipline of fasting.

Freedom from Bitterness: the Cancer of the Soul by Chris Simpson  

Jesus told us that truth set's us free. This booklet will help open your eyes to see bitterness for what it really is. As you read, the Lord can show you where the cancer of bitterness might lie in your own heart.

Freedom from Exploding/Imploding Anger by Chris Simpson  

While most everyone struggles with anger to some degree, some contend with it far more than others. When we read the Bible we find that even Jesus got angry at times, the only difference being that His was a righteous indignation. In our case, however, most of the anger we experience can usually be traced to stuffed, denied or genuine hurt.

Freedom from Life's Tormenting Fears by Chris Simpson  

Fear, the tendency to be afraid, is a human emotion. Everyone experiences fear at times. There is a certain level of healthy, normal fear. It can keep you sensible. But there's another type of fear, one filled with dread and anxiety of things to come. It's source is a spirit of fear.

Freedom from the Deep Hurts of Rejection by Chris Simpson  

The idea that you can be permanently delivered from rejection is totally foreign to many, most of whom cope with their rejection using the latest pop psychology solution. However, rarely does anyone find real freedom that way. Total deliverance comes only in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Getting God Off Your Back and Into Your Heart by Chris Simpson  

Many Christians do not have a proper understanding of God as a God of grace. They see Him through a false lens of legalism. Unfortunately, many were taught to view God this way while growing up. Perhaps you went to a legalistic church or had parents who were very hard to please. As a result, you began to believe that what you experienced around legalistic people is what God is like. However, without an understanding of the "awesomeness of grace," your Christian life will never really get off the ground, and you will never truly mature spiritually.

"God, Why Did You Put THAT Person in My Life?" by Chris Simpson

Does someone in particular come to mind when you ask that question? Without a doubt, we've all come to God at times with frustrations concerning people in our lives. Hopefully, this booklet will help you find some answers as to why you may be having to deal with certain difficult relationships.

Hearing the Voice of the Lord by Chris Simpson  

It's only when you hear the living words of Jesus that you'll get the unselfish energy to accomplish His works. Then, what you do for Him will be done in the spirit of peace with sensitivity and mercy towards others.

How & Why Spirits Transfer Between People by Chris Simpson  

If you were going hear a pastor preach a sermon, this is not the type of message you would expect him to preach. Nevertheless, transference of spirits is a phenomenon that you probably experience every day.

How to Raise the Dead by Chris Simpson  

In many Christian churches today, the idea of raising the dead is perceived as absurd or preposterous. Yet, in the days of the early church, believers didn't let death have its way so easily. They followed One who had experienced death Himself but, through His resurrection, conquered death forever. As a result, they believed they had authority in His name to challenge even death itself!

How to Have a Great Daily 'Quiet Time' by Chris Simpson

The object in any quiet time is to fellowship with God: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God ministers to us differently through each manifestation of His being. Jesus is our burden bearer. The Holy Spirit wants to minister to us. The Father seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and truth. Here are some ideas on how to spend time with God every day.

How to Walk in God's Light by Chris Simpson

Almost every religion claims to give “light” to anyone who will follow its teachings. The Apostle John made a statement that totally separates the Christian religion from all others. He tells us that “true light” comes to the followers of Christ in the context of their relationships! In other words, the nature of your relationships can either cause the light of Christ to grow stronger in your life, or cause it to go out altogether.

How to Walk with God by Chris Simpson

The most important thing for any person ever to do is to enter into a real, life-long relationship with God. The Bible describes this type of relationship as, “walking with God.” The phrase "walking with God" wonderfully captures what a relationship with God is supposed to look like; it simply means we go through life with God as a part of everything.

Intimacy: the Yearning of Gods Heart by Chris Simpson

God wants intimacy with you FAR MORE than you can ever imagine! In this booklet, we examine the beautiful allegory of the Song of Solomon, we can hear the voice of God calling to us to be His bride.

Keeping Demons Out Once They're Cast Out by Chris Simpson

It's one thing to cast an unclean spirit out of a person, but it's another to keep it out! Many people will go through some measure of deliverance in their lives, only to ultimately lose their new found freedom for one of a number of reasons. Jesus tells us in Matthew, Mark and Luke that once a demon is cast out of a person's life, it will do all it can to try to regain entrance. Learn how to make your deliverance more effective.

Learning to be "Real" by Chris Simpson
One of the major devices of the evil one, in his never-ending war against the souls of men, is to entrap them into a state of unreality. Unreality is a condition of not responding in a ‘real’ way to life and to the things going on. When a believer is in a state of spiritual unreality, it's very easy for them to fall prey to another, similar type bondage: that of becoming phony or ‘religious’. What needs to happen for me to become more “real'?" These, and other questions, will be answered in this publication.

Overcoming Addictive Tendencies Once & For All by Chris Simpson

When you hear the word, 'Addiction,' you probably think of the obvious problems of drug abuse or alcoholism. But addiction encompasses much more than that, and it can be a much deeper and more intense problem.

Overcoming Curses in Your Life by Chris Simpson

Many people's lives are blighted by curses on their health, their families, their finances, and their personal and spiritual well-being. There is no one immune to the ravaging effects of curses except those who have learned to appropriate deliverance through the power of the cross of the Lord Jesus. In His becoming a curse on the cross, Christ fully redeemed you from the power and authority of all curses, granting to you instead blessings and release from the consequences of curses in your life.

Overcoming Guilt Once and For All by Chris Simpson  

Do you struggle with feelings of guilt, shame or unworthiness? If so, here's good news! You can experience complete freedom once and for all from these lies: because that's what they are - lies from the enemy to keep you from becoming an overcomer in Christ! God never intended for born again believers to struggle day after day with heavy feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness.

Overcoming the Tendency to Judge Others by Chris Simpson  

It's almost second nature for many people to judge others for how they look, how they dress, how they relate, and how they act. Why is that? For one thing, many were reared in judgmental environments with parents and relatives speaking evil and slander against others. When you grow up in such an atmosphere, it's only natural to do the same thing. However, it's still sin. We see Jesus saying, 'Don't judge!' This is not a recommendation or a request. It's a command with consequences for disobedience. Why do we do this and how do we stop?

Putting On the Whole Armor of God by Bo Fisher  

There are some really tremendous promises that are put forth in this passage of scripture. We are told that if we will “put on the whole armor of God” that we will be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might and that we will be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. In addition to these incredible promises, what is also evident from this text is that taking up the whole armor of God is absolutely essential, considering the host of wickedness that is arrayed against us!

Preparation for Personal Deliverance by Chris Simpson

Preparation for Personal Deliverance is a booklet designed as an aid in helping prepare a person to receive the maximum benefit from a deliverance ministry session. Certain areas must be faced, confessed and repented of before deliverance can be effective or lasting. This book is used by New Wine prayer team leaders when beginning a course of ministry towards those in need of delvierance.

Spiritual Warfare by Chris Simpson  

Satan is alive and active in the world today, particularly in the church, for it is only the church that can upset or thwart his plans and devices for mankind. In the Book of Revelation, Jesus makes it clear that Heaven is at War with Hell. It is essential, in any war, that one knows the tactics, plans and operations of their enemy. Armed with that knowledge, you can take up your sword and fight on the side of the Lord.

Supernatural Healing by Chris Simpson  

Jesus tells us in the Gospels that we can do the very things that He did while he was here on earth: Such promises, however, do nothing but make one wonder why we hardly ever hear of such miracles anymore. Is it that His word is mistaken? Or could there possibly be something wrong with us in our understanding of what it means to do His works?

The Secret to a Free & Unencumbered Spirit by Chris Simpson  

When your spirit is oppressed, your soul and body are affected. Thinking clearly can become difficult, as well as keeping wayward emotions in check. If not corrected in time, your body can become susceptible to infirmities and ailments that would be easily withstood when your spirit is strong. Needless to say, it's vital that a believer keep his spirit strong, alert and free. How do we do this?

Tracing Your Hot Buttons' Wiring to the Source by Chris Simpson  

Do you have any hot buttons in your life? Hot buttons are those areas where you're easily angered or upset, where you tend to react irrationally to certain people or situations. These negative responses are wired into the personality, often because of unresolved issues in the past. Ironically, it's often your hot buttons that best indicate what the Holy Spirit is trying to do in your life.

Untangling Damaging Soul Ties in Relationships by Chris Simpson  

Think of a soul tie as a soda straw between people through which flows mental and emotional things. Spiritual things can pass through as well, be they from the human spirit, be they psychically induced, demonically inspired, or genuine and edifying from the Lord. Because demonic spirits can transfer so easily through soul ties, it's essential to identify and destroy those that are ungodly, controlling, or emotionally binding. This booklet examines Scripture for ways to break ungodly ties between people.

What You Can Do To See Change in Others by Chris Simpson  

Every person you think that God should 'change' is in your life for the same reason; God put them there! They're your 'gift' to teach you how to walk in love. It really is God's will to change and mature them, but you'll never see a whole lot of that happening until you learn how to get your fingers off the control buttons and trust the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life and theirs.

Witchcraft in Believers? More Common Than You Think! by Chris Simpson  

In Chapter 22 of the Old Testament book of Numbers, we learn in The Moabites were scared to death of Israel. They knew they were next in line to be wiped out. So in desperation, they sent for Balaam who was a genuine prophet of God. However, he was not traveling along with God's people. Balaam typifies believers who have giftings and anointings but who open themselves to rebellion and witchcraft through unwillingness to be submitted to the covering of a local church.


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