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New Wine Articles Archive...
These articles are an eclectic selection of Christian essays and excerpts that offer insight and enlightenment on a variety or spiritual and social topics. Articles are Published as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Please obtain Adobe's FREE Acrobat Reader to view.
An Idol is Lurking Behind Your Anger
Geri McGhee - Abiding Life

Are you aware of the fact there is an idol or idols lurking behind your anger? There is only one-way to overcome it; and that is, to lay down the idol behind each specific area of your anger.

An Introduction to Deliverance
Frank Hammond - Children's Bread

The term 'deliverance' encompasses both the process and the result of one's liberation from demonic bondage. Deliverance is achieved by driving out evil spirits, using the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Since some who read this article may not be familiar with the scriptural grounds for deliverance, we wish to acquaint them with the basic tenets of deliverance. We also recommend several books that we and others have published on various aspects of deliverance.

Argentina's Awesome Revivals
C. Peter Wagner, edited by Chris Simpson

Pastor Chris Simpson went with Dr. Wagner and others twice in 1991 and 1992 to observe the Argentina Revival firsthand. It is now believed by many that the Pensacola Revival of 1995-200 probably stemmed from this event in Argentina in the 1990's. It is of note that Evangelist Steve Hill was present in Argentina during this period before visiting the Brownsville AG Church in Pensacola on Father's Day of 1995. This article was compiled in late 1992. Here is a summary excerpt of Dr. Wagner's comments on the Argentina Revival of the 1990's.

Avoiding the Seductive Trap of Debt
Chris Simpson - New Wine

An outline that puts forth a Biblical approach to debt avoidance and makes practical suggestions for eliminating debt and prioritizing your finances.

A Word To My Enemies

Without chastisement and the work of enemies we can never come into full sonship. When we see how much our persecutions and afflictions mean to us in maturing our spirits and bringing us into His image, then we can truly “Love our enemies”, and “bless them that curse us.”

Deliverance from "Self"
Frank Hammond - Children's Bread

For understanding's sake, suppose that a person is delivered from all oppressing demons. What is left? Only his real "self" is left. What then must be done with the real self? It must be crucified: taken to the cross and put to death! Only as self dies can Christ come forth in us. Only through death to self can one experience full deliverance.

Exposing the Occult
Chris Simpson - New Wine

Participation in “the occult” is on the rise. Sadly, this is indicative of the world’s rebellion against God. Even worse, many Christians (or those who claim to be) sometimes get caught up in the occult before they realize what they are doing. The purpose of this study is to assist Christians in this regard—to point out some of the areas of occult activity and to review pertinent scriptures.

Find your Daily "Horrorscope"
Bryan Hupperts - Sheep Trax

Print it and give it to your new age friends - great trifold witnessing tract. LARGE FILE.

God Does Not Move Apart From Our Initiative
Chris Simpson

A root deception of Satan is that God will undertake something apart from your initiative. God doesn't undertake anything apart from the initiative of His people. You have not because why? Seek and what? Knock and what? The whole inference is that God is a reward of those who diligently seek Him. And, He has an abundance with which to reward us. All he asks is that we reach out and ask.

How I Learned About God in Spite of Alcoholics Anonymous
Mr. X
- New Wine

One man's controversial testimony of how he learned about God and was delivered of alcoholism in spite of a supposedly God-centered "twelve step program" called A.A. This article is a must read for Spiritual Leaders who thought A.A. was the place to send their Christian members who had drinking and drug problems.

Others May, You Cannot

If God has called you to be really like Jesus He will draw you into a life of crucifixion and humility, and put upon you such demands of obedience, that you will not be able to follow other people. You will not be able to measure yourself by other Christians, and in many ways He will seem to let others do things which He will not let you do.

Passivity: The Chief Basis of Demonization
Jessie Penn-Lewis and Evan Roberts

The deception over passive surrender may be exampled thus: a believer surrenders his "arm" to God. He permits it to hang passive, waiting for "God to use it." But will God lift the arm for the man? Nay, the man himself must lift it, and use it, seeking to understand intelligently the mind of God in doing so. The chief condition, therefore, for the working of evil spirits in a person, apart from sin, is passivity, in exact opposition to the condition which God requires from His children for His working for them.

Prozac Christians
Jessica Dorian

Countless Christians are prescribed prescription drugs for fear, anxiety, and depression. The question that needs to be asked is "why?!" Christians claim the truth from the hymn "Power in the Blood" and the Apostle John's concept of "abundant life". But why are they caught up in an emotional existence of mere survival? Isn't the church supposed to be the place to find the answer, the cure, Jesus?!

Resolving Relationship Issues To Peace
Chris Simpson

Every day we tend to do little things that may offend others, as well as feel offended by the actions of others. As you mature in love, you learn to quickly forgive those around you for any thoughtlessness or insensitivity. It is a reflection of the Spirit of Christ within you when your first response to the actions of others is mercy.

Simon Sorceror Conferences
Mark Harrell

Mark Harrell would like to pose a question to those of you who attend every conference that has to do with "the prophetic" or signs and wonders. Why are you going? No really, why?

The Demonization of Inanimate Objects / Recognizing and Renouncing Occult Activities
Chris Simpson

While it may seem unbelievable to some, evil spirits can actually inhabit particular objects and places that have somehow been given over to their domain. It is for this reason that God strictly prohibits certain abominable objects from being in the possession of believers, as evil influences can adversely affect a person’s life through these means, whether the person is aware of it or not.

The Father’s Fathomless Fondness for Faltering Fugitives
Author Unknown

A humorous allegory illustrating God's capacity for redemptive love towards us.

The Forgotten Key
Ray Comfort

The only standard by which people should compare themselves is the Law of God. Most evangelicals, however, shy away from even mentioning the Law in preaching or in personal witnessing. Why is this?

The Hijacking of Hallow's Eve
by Ken Curtis - Christian History Institute

First it was an attempt by an 8th century Pope to take the focus off of the Celtic New Year and Feast of the Dead. Then Satan stole it back. What happened?!

The Ministry of "Helps"
Kevin King - Lake Hamilton Bible Camp

Kevin King, one of the administrators at Lake Hamilton Bible Camp, details the process of converting Audio Cassette Recordings to CD Audio and Web Ready Audio so that you can help your church publish. preserve, and redistribute quality Bible teachings. This article contains step-by-step descriptions of how Kevin performs these tasks on readily accessible software tools. Follow these simple instructions and become a part of the Ministry of Helps at your church.

The Process of Deliverance
Anonymous - New Wine

A Practical Step-by-step Approach to Ridding Your Life of Demonic Strongholds by a Saint who prefers to remain Anonymous.

The Search for "Pure Blood"

An allegory illustrating the preciousness of the Blood of Jesus

The Signs of the Apostle
Norman Parish - CMC

Many people mistakenly believe that the word "apostle" is an honorary title, when in reality it is an office or function within the Body of Christ. According to the Bible, there are certain guidelines that identify the true apostles and, therefore, we urgently need to know them.

Threefold Salvation for Threefold Man - English
Threefold Salvation for Threefold Man - Español
Bo Fisher
- New Wine

A concise explanation of the Biblical doctrine of justification, sanctification, and glorification.

David Little - New Wine

Many of us have opinions about the practice of "tithing" or giving one-tenth of all our income to God. Is it something that New Testament Age Believers should do? Was it just an Old Testament practice that does not carry forward to the New? All opinions aside, what is "tithing all about?" In the Bible, God is clearer than you might think He would be on the subject and His answers may surprise you!

Twelve Reasons Not To See Harry Potter Movies
Berit Kjos

The pressure to participate in the fun and frenzy is intense. So what can a Christian child do in the midst of such hype, hypocrisy and popular wizardry?! Those who know God can find answers in His Word. Consider this list of Biblical warnings and wisdom, then put on the Armor of God and pray that He lead you in His way.

What God's Word Says About Gossip - English
What God's Word Says About Gossip - Español
Chris Simpson - New Wine

Scripture passages that stress God's intolerance for the damage of Gossip amongst his people.

Your Daily "Horrorscope"
Bryan Hupperts - Sheep Trax

A Witnessing tract designed to appeal to those who read the daily horoscopes in the papers by Bryan Hupperts. This file has excellent graphics and layout in a trifold design and a place to put the name of your church. The file is 400kb in size so be patient downloading it on slow connections.


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