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Look what the LORD has done!
Comments and Testimonies from newwineonline.com visitors...

...I want to tell you that your teachings are a big blessing for us here in Germany. We are a small Christian Fellowship near Wuerzburg/Bavaria. Here in Germany we have not so much "deliverance doing" churches (only round about 10 for 80 million inhabitants!), so it is a quite unknown and hard rejected part of the gospel. So we are a young Fellowship and need more such scriptural teachers and teachings, God bless you, for everyone can download your teachings on web. Since 2005 we are in ministry and God gave us the leading true gospel website in Germany: www.heilung-und-befreiung.de (translated: healing-and-deliverance) We have several sermons on it, and I would like to link on your sermon-website if it is OK for you!
Oliver Mauer - Wuerzberg, Bavaria, Germany (Deutschlande)

I really enjoy listening to Pastor Chris Simpson. I love listening to the Free Sermons online... Thank you very much.
M.d'E - Internet

Dear Pastor Chris:
After [the deliverance] conference [where you taught] we have a better perspective of what the Lord has done here in La Paz, Bolivia. The [local] Pastors are more open to deliverance, they invited me to preach and minister them in a Pastors' retreat we are going to have next Tuesday to Thursday.

Also great testimonies: We prayed for a woman (45) from our Church several times, she had a problem of mental disorder, she was being healed by the Lord but not completely until conference. Now she is doing great, smiling with the joy of Jesus. She will give her testimony next Sunday at service. Also a man (age 40) with chronic insomnia was also delivered, now he sleeps like an angel. I know they are more testimonies. Talking with the brethren [I can tell] they are more committed to our Lord.

For Erika [my wife] and myself, your visit was very important. We feel better, also with more commitment for the Gospel, with new ideas, more energy for the coming work and, of course, with more liberty in Jesus.
Pastor Fernando Reyes Ortiz - Bolivia

Dear Pastor Chris:
I want to let you know that God has used your website to help me avoid falling back into error again by once again allowing myself to get involved with Word-Faith ministries! I am not suppose to be on his mailing list, but I recently received a letter by John Avanzini saying that God gave him a revelation about 2005 for me and that if I will send him at least $30.00, I will receive a hundredfold return on it!! I also received one of his catalogs and he has a audio teaching he is offering to teach us how to use the god-kind of faith!

I also sent a prayer request recently to Kenneth Copeland, not realizing how much he teaches heresies! He sent me a response saying that my prayer request is guaranteed to be answered if I use my faith the way that Jesus used His faith!!

I also watched another Word-Faith teacher named Joyce Meyer on TV, and in a few books at a Christian bookstore, and I got literally disgusted and sick listening to her teach that Jesus went to hell and was beaten up by demons and then He was born again in hell and left Satan's camp!! She also teaches that Christians are suppose to never be sick or have problems!! But, the other huge problem I see in her teachings is that we are suppose to control our future and our circumstances by speaking words of faith!! I have never once heard any Word of Faith teacher talk about Salvation or the true reason and meaning of Jesus' Crucifixion!!

Lastly, let my say I am glad you have those articles on your website!! I use to believe Robert Tilton, Marilyn Hickey and Oral and Richard Roberts were sent by God to me, and I lost a lot of money because I fell for their scams and false teachings!! Thanks for the work you are doing on helping believers stay on the path of truth and for the articles you have exposing Word-Faith false doctrines!! I was going to contact Joel Osteen ministries, but after reading the article on your website, I will never contact him!! Thanks and God bless you!!
JS - Internet

I just wanted to say that I was blessed to have run into New Wine Online. I get excellent materials from the site and was able to attend one of Pastor Christ deliverance seminars. I was tormented by demons and had difficulty in living my Christian life the way the Bible commands us to do it, until I read "Pigs in the Parlor" by Frank Hammond, and met pastor Chris. Keep up the good God work, my prayers are with you!
IBK - Houston, Texas

Thank you very much for your wonderful collection of articles which have helped me get my Christian walk into perspective according to the Word of God. Should Pastor Chris Simpson or anyone in your church ministry happen to pass through South East Asia, do visit Malaysia. Our church is also involved in the ministry of deliverance and healing through the Healing Wings prayer clinic for the sick and unwell, in addition to outreaches to Vietnamese and Nepalese foreign laborers here in Malaysia. Blessings
Chu Peng Ang - Malaysia

I am a Pastor here in Dover, Delaware... I really enjoyed your sermon, on exposing the seductive word of faith movement. I have been so persecuted by churches everywhere I've gone as I have discerned that most of the teachings that gone forth are heretic. I want to encourage you to stand and be not shaken, for you are a serious instrument that God is using in this hour to bring a true word of reformation and deliverance to the people of God... I love you and I am praying for you in Dover, Delaware.
Pastor Larry Solomon - Dover, Delaware

Dear Pastor Simpson,
A few years ago you came to "Jesus Is Lord Ministries" in Adrian, Michigan. During the seminar, I came to the altar for healing of MS. I am healed, delivered, and set free today due to the labors of love that the deliverance ministry yields. There is no way we will ever forget that day. Each time I dance in the House of God I can't help but remember when I couldn't even walk at times. Gratitude fills my heart all over again. I thank The Lover of My Soul first, and then I thank Him for your servanthood. Your ministry is included on a list of ministries that we pray over on a weekly basis. We may never meet again in person during this lifetime; Know that you are loved, you are prayed for. The precious seeds you planted have taken root and grown in a little town in Michigan. May God Continually Bless you, Keep you and Increase you.
Pastor Daniel & Sherry Bettis - Out Of the Darkness Ministries

Pastor Chris,
I just want to say Thank You. Your Ministry has been such a blessing to me. I have shared your materials with my family and relatives. God has also called me in the healing and deliverance ministry and I look forward to doing some of things that you are doing. I have been born again for 3 yrs. now and studying on God's word and the healing Ministry... Once again, thank you for inspiring me and teaching me things I didn't know.
W - Internet

Pastor Chris,
I love your website. I have had the privilege of attending your church on one occasion when my friend brought me there. I really enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you so much for exposing the heresy TBN is teaching. For years after I got saved, I watched TBN almost constantly. They were not quite as weird back then. I mean at least they seemed to recognize the sovereignty of God. Then they got weird. For a long time I thought I was becoming possessed by demons because I got to the point where I could not stand to watch it, in particular Benny Hinn. I thought something was wrong with me but it really had begun to make me ill.

Then during the Y2K scare I turned back to TBN hoping to find answers on what I should do and how I should prepare for this scary scenario. They infected me with even more fear. That is when my eyes really opened to TBN. Every single person on TBN, with the exception of Joyce Meyers, had a "word' from the Lord" on what to do to survive it. And they were more than happy to share with the audience this information if one were to buy their tape series for $59.95. That is when I asked myself if this were even Biblical.

After a year of this, I realized that this was not good ground to sow into and I no longer sent TBN money. So I am quite sympathetic to your exposing these people. I want to thank you for doing so. I am sick of hearing about people's Rolls Royce's and planes and how the rest of us are unrepentant sinners without any faith or else we would be living in mansions, too.
JM - Houston

My name is Fernando Reyes, I'm Pastor of Iglesia del Evangelio Total here in La Paz - Bolivia. We planted our Church in 1998 with a deliverance vision. Now we have 123 members. I visit your web page constantly, the themes of the booklets are great, sometimes they help me to shape my teaching. Please continue with this work. Yours in Christ.
Pastor Fernando Reyes Ortiz - Bolivia

Praise the Lord! I am a regular visitor of your website and enjoy reading the articles in online library. The articles are inspired by the Holy Spirit of the Lord and gives a lot of insight to the readers. I bless your works and ministry and pray that the Lord keeps guiding, using you for His service... Thanking you and wishing you the very best in Jesus,
A - India

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful site. I have been battling spiritual warfare for 4 years now and found some answers I was seeking from God in a few of your articles. Mainly the one about fasting. For once I can hope again, and strive to be all I can be for God while overcoming some battles like fear and nicotine addiction. I've never thought to fast, I've always prayed, begged and pleaded with God for help. I had no idea that fasting could help in so many ways. Just wanted to send a quick heartfelt thanks before I go read more of your articles.
MV - Internet

I am a college student in Charlotte NC. One day I came across your website and I was amazed. I have never seen so much and learned so much at one time. It is definitely a keeper. I knew it was God when I first saw it because it talked about the real issues of life and things some ministries don't talk about, like how to cast out demons... May God continue to bless and keep you always.
TM - Internet

I have been looking over your website and have printed of just about most of what you have available. I'm haven't run into many sites that have the quality of info that I find on your site. I have been a Christian for over 30 years and Spirit filled for just about the same length of time too. I've been involved in deliverance ministry and this stuff you have made so readily available is wonderful!!! Some things you don't always hear and find during the course of the usual training and education. At least not unless you have some genuine mentoring from a veteran of the faith. Thank you so much!!!
PW - Internet

Thank you for your website, its very informative and is a comfort when I need an ""uplift". It's great to have access to sound teaching that it doesn't change as time goes by. I found this site several years ago and it's reassuring to know that I can come back and find quality and truthful information.
CR - California

I have, admittedly, been using some of your notes in recent weeks. I think they are the business... you are a blessing to me and my fellowship here in London.
Pastor Paul Sinclair - London, UK

You have a tremendous ministry and it has not only blessed me, but others to whom I have given copies of some of your deliverance articles. They are incredibly helpful and right on the mark. You have, unbeknownst to you, blessed many men in prisons throughout California. Copies of things have been made repeatedly & mailed to different institutions by a sister in the Lord who has a thriving prison ministry. Some of the men that have received them have been won gradually over to the Lord. For sure, none of these men is the same once they have taken a look at some of this. There is a lot of stuff floating around the jails and prisons, which is NOT helpful to new brothers in the Lord - and when a powerful message reaches them, they begin to get a whiff of what's REALLY waiting for them in their walk. And I do mean a WHIFF!!
AS - California

Thank you for your Website! We came across it several months ago, while looking at the Children's Bread Ministry. We are a married couple in our early 40s. My husband will be graduating from Brownsville Revival School of Ministry in May of this year... I'll get to the point by saying that, we have come to a place where we feel that God is calling us to deliverance ministry. This would have been the furthest thing from our minds before now. We knew about deliverance ministry, but had a very warped view of what it was. This was probably due to a combination of things... but mostly spiritual blindness... we had never been taught anything about deliverance in any churches we had attended. (all spirit-filled, Pentecostal churches)... we are still trying to figure this one out!! So here we are now... God revealing our call to deliverance ministry... We have listened to your audio sermons on the Website and wish we were back in Texas so we could visit your church!! Thanks again for providing the Website!
CK - Florida

I read your web page (booklet) on overcoming rejection, and it completely helped me. I recently told a man that I loved him and poured my heart out to him and he totally dumped me right there on the spot and said he was just using me and to stay away from him. I never felt so humiliated. After reading this, I got the message to forgive him and to forgive myself and to use spiritual warfare to help my spirit which is unclean. I was totally crying reading the whole web page because it made so much sense and I felt connected to God after a really long time of not praying. I am going to pray tonight for forgiveness and self-love, since I am completely without it. Thanks again for being a big help to me today.
SM - Internet

I have been overwhelmed by your Internet web site articles concerning spiritual warfare. I was raised in an Episcopal church, and was taught that these principles, about which you seem to know so much, were to considered as symbolic only. I am working on my second master's degree and pride myself on using reason and logic when learning about new concepts. My mind says "no" but my spirit screams "THIS IS THE TRUTH!"
CGW - Georgia

Just a note to let you know I thank God for your church and ministry. Everything that is in your library is straight from the Throne of God. I'm so thankful for your web site.
G - Virginia

Thank you again for calling (in response to e-mail) a few months ago. My husband and I have located a church in our area. Since I spoke to you, My husband has been released from oppression and is actively seeking Gods will for his life. Since he's aligned himself up with the word of God other things have fallen into place. Even the kids are behaving themselves and are trying to change, too (even though they don't recognize that God is doing the changing). My husband has been witnessing to people and is being lead by God to counsel on occasions. Thank you for your prayers! I was alone out here in California and you reached across the miles and ministered to someone you didn't even know. Now my husband is ministering to friends back in Texas. I refer your web page to others because of the valuable information and I know you genuinely care. May God bless you for your concern and care. Like ripples in pond, you touched my husband through me and now he is reaching out to extend help to others.
CR - California

I live and work in Fresno, Ca. While surfing various Christian web pages, I came across that of New Wine Christian Fellowship. I have to tell you that your articles have been a great source of illumination, guidance, and peace this week. I started surfing with the goal of discovering the true purpose and meaning of fasting. I felt that the Lord was leading me and others in my church to fast this week, but the subject has always been confusing to me. Your article on fasting was the best I've found. I knew then that I would return to read more of your material. Throughout the week, the Lord has given me your articles to answer questions I have had for a long time. I now realize how I have allowed a spirit of fear and confusion to enter into my life, clouding my mind, and causing me to respond out of fear to things that I know in my heart the Lord wants me to do. Praise God for what He has shown me this week! Thank you for your clear, loving words.
SD - California

Right On! Thank you for your obedience to the Spirit of God in writing these things and making this site available. If God allows, please keep this awesome resource available to those of us in the dry places. I've just finished reading some articles and was immeasurably blessed. Praise be to God!!! I've also read some of the other writings by other authors available on this site the other day with similar results. Tomorrow I will be back for more. Please thank your fellow ministers for handing out the victuals as well. We serve a wondrous King. The right Word at the right time. Thanks again for your obedient service.
DS - Washington


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